Welcome to the Global People’s Assembly communication toolkit!

People’s Assemblies at national level are gathering during these months, to build into a global event in September 2021. This document aims to be the toolkit for local leaders and organizations that want to be part of this decentralized communication campaign.

How can I help?

We want to  reach people from all over the worlds. Individuals and organizations will be key to help the Peoples’ Assembly’s message go further. If you want to help: share our messages in your own channels, participate in the virtual discussions we propose and find allied individuals and organizations that take part as well.

Knowing our key messages

Every message about the Global People’s Assembly should be aligned with the main key messages of the campaign. Make them yours and adapt them to your local or organisational reality, but have them in mind when speaking about the People’s Assembly.

In the middle of this inequality crisis

The world is facing the covid-19 pandemic, the climate emergency and a peak on humanitarian crisis all at the same time.

These catastrophes are creating an inequality crisis in which developing countries don’t have access to vaccines while G7 countries gather up to 10 vaccines per person, in which countries polluting the least are suffering the most extreme consequences of climate change.

This scenario is forcing world policy makers to make important decisions that will determine the future of the world. We are calling to use this key moment for good, making the necessary transformations our system needs to become healthier, greener and more just.

Marginalized voices from all over the world are getting together

We believe that a more equal future will only be reached if it’s built with equality. That’s why we’ve been gathering voices from all over the world, specially marginalized voices that are often unheard: to really understand the needs, opportunities and dreams that will be part of that future.

The People’s Assembly has been doing this for a while locally and national all over the world, and now we’re getting together in a final event to build a global voice that will represent the demands of the world.

To make global and local decision makers hear their proposals for a more equal future, starting with a People’s Vaccine

Now that the world’s decision makers feel the need to make important choices, we demand that those choices are made with marginalized communities, the SDGs and Agenda 2030 in mind. We’ve done it through the Great Recovery Plan, tackling the issues of health, climate and justice, and through the People’s Vaccine Alliance, calling for a covid-19 vaccine free from patents.

This September,  national People’s Assemblies will meet to create a set of demands that will be handled to their governments, incorporating perspectives of marginalise people  on issues such as the health crisis, climate change, equality and civic space. In the Global Peoples Assembly, a global declaration will be created that representants in the UN General Assembly will read and discuss.

Sharing our planned content

From September the 1(th (Wednesday), the social media channels of Global Call to action Against Poverty will be filled with content about the People’s Assemblies. We will post a manifesto, some triggering questions about popular demands to encourage virtual discussion, information about the national People’s Assemblies, etc. You can help by sharing these posts in your social media.

If you want to program them in your organization’s social media calendar, you can find both the captions and the images in this calendar (one tab is in English, one in Spanish and one in French). To download the images, click the Dropbox link on the right, open it and download the one in the size that best suits your purpose (“IG” for Instagram Feed or Whatsapp, “TW” for Twitter or Facebook, “IGS” for Instagram Stories).


A key part of the campaign and of these contents is the People’s Assembly website. It contains a map filled with demands from people all over the world to global and local decision makers. You can help by participating in the website and encouraging your network to do so.

You can also create your own content about the People·s Assembly. If you·re organizing a National Assembly and wont to share your local set of demands, or a quote of something someone said, or maybe your own demands, you can use the templates we designed for you using Canva (free online design software). Open the template, read the instructions, make it yours and share it with us! 

Finding allied organizations

Civil society organizations (NGOs, civil associations, institutions…) have broad audiences that are very sensitive to the People’s Assembly issues. It’d be great to have them pushing the campaign forward and sharing our posts.

During the week of 15th-19th September, we will post daily questions on different topics related to the People’s Assembly. We would like to have local thematic organizations sharing them with their audiences. You can help by sending them the questions related to their themes (e.g.: Médecins du Monde can share the question about universal healthcare).

Taking part in the joint action 

On Thursday the 23rd, we will have a final Global event where activists from all around the world will meet virtually and help us push our demands. We’ve called it the “Virtual People’s March”, because we plan on virtually marching through different organizations/institutions/leaders, handing them the demands that they can help become true.

Participants of the event will decide in small groups which demand to push, who to target and what to ask them; for example, the group in charge of pushing the TRIPS waiver demand might decide to ask the german chancellor candidates to publicly support the TRIPS waiver before the election on Sunday. Once this action is decided, the whole group will “bomb” the targets with those messages via Twitter, e-mail, etc.

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