We are in the middle of a global inequality crisis. COVID-19 has made this worse - the vaccine inequality divides us even more.

What are your priorities for a just recovery?

Global People's Assembly, 21 to 23 September 2022! See the declaration here

Connected campaigns

The Great Recovery Plan is a set of recommendations across climate, health and equality aimed for global decisionmakers and signed by hundreds of organisations and individuals across the globe.

The People’s Vaccine Alliance is a coalition of organisations and activists united under a common aim of campaigning for a ‘people’s vaccine’ for COVID-19. Vaccination inequality is the first and most urgent issue we need to address in this search for global equality.

NoMorePandemics is a global movement to defeat the Coronavirus and other "pandemics", such as poverty, inequality, environmental disasters, wars and global terrorism. This website is based on their design, that you can visit here.